Hello world!

Welcome to Zebco Industries new website. As you may have seen, we do not make fishing reels, although some folks have sent a couple to us to repair. We cheerfully send them back still broken, but wrapped in some of the best packaging they have ever seen. My name is Bill Cipparrone and I am the Sales and Marketing Manager here at Zebco. It is interesting to note that before I started working here I took packaging for granted. Some bubble wrap and peanuts and your all set, right?

Little did I know. Now, that I have had some exposure, I am fascinated by how many different ways there are to package something, each unique to what a company is trying to protect. From furniture to electronics, to assembly parts for washers and dryers, to headlights and driveshafts for automobiles and trucks. From biological cells to strawberry shortcake. You name it and there is a right way and a wrong way to package and protect it.

Now I find myself, not so much looking at the product that was shipped to me as to the packaging that held the product. Unwrapping a Christmas or Birthday present has a whole new meaning for me!

So enjoy this website, look around and take in all that we have to offer. If you have an idea, suggestion, or correction feel free to contact me at bill@zebcoindusties.com and thanks for checking in with us, even if you were looking for a fishing reel. I’d like to think that it was the packaging that kept that fishing reel safe that was the real treasure!

Check back with us often for more interesting blogs on the “Wonderful World of Packaging”.!