Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does Zebco Industries do?

Answer: Put simply, we are foam packaging fabricators. We take large sheets, rolls, and billets and cut them into parts of different lengths and sizes. These parts are then assembled and fabricated into components through several unique types of processes.  These components are what form the different packaging configurations used to protect your product during shipping and handling.

Question: How does Zebco handle designs and quotations?

Answer: Our sales team is comprised of technically versatile representatives that will walk you through the entire design and quotation process, each with the ability to design, produce samples, and price your desired packaging product. They will be the point-people on any questions you might have.

Question: What types of foam does Zebco convert?

Answer: We convert a wide range of materials from polyethylene, polyurethane, and polystyrene foams. Also included is corrugated, chipboard, totes, metal racks, and wood pallet/crate products.

Question: How do I get my products?
Answer: Zebco offers local deliveries for a minimal charge with our own trucks. We also offer several LTL and T/L carriers to offer freight deliveries beyond our local delivery range.