About Us

Zebco Industries Inc. was incorporated in 1969 by Bill E. Gretz for the sole purpose of providing customers with a light weight and cost effective packaging solution using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.  Early on, Bill designed his own molding and wire cutting equipment to accomplish his goal. As the business continued to grow through the 70’s, Bill brought on a partner – Dale Stalter - to help with running a successful business.  Today, two of Dale’s children (Kevin and Madonna) are involved with the daily operations of the business. 

Over the years, Zebco has maintained the founder’s goal of providing customers with cost effective packaging solutions.  However, now we use many different materials to accomplish this goal - from foam, to steel, wood, plastics and more.  We have grown from starting in a garage to currently residing in a 110,000 SF facility. 

The business was started over 45 years ago based upon customer service.  Today, customer service permeates throughout our business.  This includes design, pricing, quality, delivery, and follow up.  Let us help you with your next packaging project, and experience the Zebco difference.